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The movie “Hidden Figures”

Tears of joy and wonder ran down viewer’s faces as Katherine Johnson played by Taraji P. Henson and her two women friends employed in 1961 by NASA in Hampton VA, broke barriers for being colored women applying their mathematical calculations to guide John Glenn’s Mercury Friendship 7 aeronautical space capsule four times around planet earth and safely parachuting it back to earth, outlasting Russia’s Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagaran, who circled only once.

Dramatically and engagingly written and portrayed, this non-fiction real life story convincingly portrays the gifted three women who strenuously exerted their intelligence and wholesome family and human relationships under excruciating bias circumstances to make an incredible difference in helping America accomplish it’s first great space endeavor.

Viewing the motion picture film,“Hidden Figures” during this time of American’s political unrest, moved Muff and me as well as many of our friends to do our best to collaborate with friends to encourage US citizens to move upward and forward. Kevin Costner, who played the part of Mr. Harrison, who directed the capsule’s flight plan asked Kathrine Johnson after John Glenn’s space capsule had miraculously landed, “Can we make it to the moon?” She responded by saying these three last words of the film, “We’re already there!” By helping one another maybe even with our biases, “We’re already there,” too!

This film helped Muff and me understand, accept, support and appreciate ourselves, one another, others and especially strangers in spite of, and maybe, even because of ours and others biases. And don’t think that those, who don’t believe they have biases, don’t. We all do. Sometimes our biases are hidden so well that we don’t even know we have them. Katherine Johnson and her two women cohorts inexpressibly and wonderfully inspire US and world viewers of “Hidden Figures” to become brave and effective activists for the betterment of all human kind and the world in which we live today. It’s an astounding film.

Your Kind Words and Thoughts for Debbie Are Appreciated

Debbie Taking A Nap

Debbie can’t talk, but she can sit, walk and with help feed herself. She makes a froggy sound when she is contented and slaps her head when she is discontented. No one knows how she learned to do it, but she began amusing her herself and accomplishing something extraordinary when she became a teenager by bouncing a ball for hours at a time with her middle right hand finger. This is still an exceptional feat for a 54 year old severely mentally challenged girl with an IQ of twenty. When she does this, she is apparently just being herself doing the one God gifted thing she can do. Incidentally, she doesn’t like too many people bothering her, but gladly welcomes some of her 24 X 7 care givers and seems to appreciate their love and attention where she is a resident at the Holly Center in Salisbury, MD.

After helping others with all sorts of problems, I was finally able after the first long seven years of Debbie’s life in which I never went into the house without changing her diapers. To receive help , Muff and I went with vital Marriage Communications friends to a Laboratory in Warwick NY which we were being trained to help other married couples. While there, I to stop denying and deal with my own grief over losing my dreams for our very special mentally challenged daughter, Debbie. 

My wife, our family and I are all so grateful for the 24 X 7 care and love Debbie then began receiving at The Rosewood Center in Owens Mills, MD where we enrolled her and now at The Holly Center, Salisbury, MD where we take turns visiting her to show the medical, psychological, social, educational and everyday care takers that we genuinely appreciate her care and treatment. The President of the United States of America could not be treated any better than where Debbie is treated. 

Hope you don’t mind my writing to tell you all of this, but she is precious to me and the rest of our family. She actually changed my life 47 years ago when I was finally able to share with trusted friends, my grief over Debbie’s inabilities.  I think I still need to occasionally share my story, and consequently my Don’s Bloggers are the “lucky ones” today. 

Incidentally, Debbie recently, had a cataract procedure to help her see better. She has so little in life, we are hoping and praying that this procedure continues to improve her eye sight. With God’s help everyone is doing his and her best to help Debbie and I might add us and especially me. 

So thanks much for your love and your prayers. 

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